A broad category that includes exotic plants such as: ferns, trees, mosses, shrubs, herbs, cacti, and more!


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Specializing in affordable and easy to plant potted trees & shrubs for your yard and acreage, shipped to the street address of your choosing.

Los Angeles Carnivorous Plant Specialists | Our online catalog is diverse including most carnivorous plant species. We provide rare Nepenthes, 300+ varieties of Venus Flytraps, Heliamphora, multiple Cephalotus clones, a...

He north american mycological association (nama) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization of professional and amateur mycologists with over 80 affiliated mycological societies in the united states, canada and mexico.

We’re very pleased to have launched the new gesneriad reference web, the best online resource on this fascinating plant family

The hostalibrary is the largest and most comprehensive information resource for the genus hosta.

How to grow culinary herbs and use them in cooking

He cactus and succulent plant mall (cspm) is an internet resource for all growers of cacti and succulents.

Here you may learn about the ecology, cultivation, conservation, and taxonomy of carnivorous plants

His taxonomic portion of this database was compiled by jan schlauer and includes over 3000 entries giving an exhaustivenomenclatural synopsis of all carnivorous plants.