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Garden Manager

A savvy gardener needs to remain organized but it is a hassle to flip through countless notes written over the years. Garden Savvy's new Garden Manager makes it simple to access all of your gardening information in one central location. Get ready to compost your old notebooks!

With Garden Manager, catalog your favorite suppliers, best growing guides, specific pest and disease information, your inventory, and favorite gardening communities. You can also create plant-specific notes accompanied by photos and pertinent links. Best of all, the Garden Manager is easily accessible from your phone, tablet, or desktop, literally putting all your gardening information always at your fingertips.

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Gardening Management Made Simple

Save your favorite articles to check them when you want!

Garden Manager

Tired of your paper notes getting wet and dirty in the garden? Never again, because it's all organized on your phone and laptop-complete with images and links. The Garden Manager Notes section organizes all your notes and pictures into one easy-access location. Each note is filed into personal folders so it's easy to organize and locate any note. With this robust notes system, the options are endless.

Software That Tracks Garden Activity

All your notes nestled into organizable custom folders.

Garden Manager
Garden Manager
Garden Manager

Once you create your note, add it to a custom folder. Add your green jade cucumber notes to a vegetable folder and make a note of how large they were last year. Had a Hosui Asian Pear that finally produced fruit this season but the birds ate it all? Place that note in a fruit tree or woody perennial folder. The way that you choose to categorize your notes is up to you!

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Monitor Garden Inventory & Suppliers

All your favorite garden suppliers organized in one convenient place.

Garden Manager
Garden Manager

Garden Savvy's Garden Manager makes it easier than ever to log your plant and seed inventory. The days of struggling to remember what perennial variety you planted two years ago is gone! You can link the supplier, write personal comments such as plant performance and upload pictures — effortlessly. Have a supplier who isn't yet listed on Garden Savvy? Enter their name in the supplier section and encourage them to create a profile! We love seeing new faces 😄

Gardening Suppliers

Manage your garden inventory here and the suppliers of each item.

Garden Manager
Garden Manager

Did you know that there are thousands of internet garden suppliers listed in Garden Savvy? You can locate everything gardening related in our vendor section. Trying to remember which vendors you prefer is now a thing of the past. You can keep a list of your favorites and make notes for future reference. You can even use this section to quickly create your own personal supplier ratings and upload images!

If you bought a specific variety that you love, for example Big Rainbow Tomato, snap a picture and add it to your preferred supplier. Since all of the info on your profile is private, you can leave a public review on the supplier’s profile page.

Pests & Disease/Growing Guides

Manage your favorite articles about pests, diseases and growing guides.

Garden Manager
Garden Manager

We all have wasted time searching online for gardening information, clicking on article after article containing no meaningful information while being pestered by pop-up ads. Through our extensive research, we located the best collegiate articles and listed the links.

We cover a wide variety of topics such as, "How to" or pest/disease solutions, thus saving you time and avoiding the hassle of clicking on useless "fluff" articles. Search and save these links to your Garden Manager so you can quickly view the guides anytime and anywhere you need them.

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Garden Manager

Garden Manager

Organizer for inventory,
vendors and notes

$4.99 Annually
  • Full Access to Inventory Manager
  • Save your Favorite Suppliers, Growing Guides, and Pest & Disease Information
  • Upload Unlimited Gardening Notes
  • Unlimited Photo Uploads

Manage Your Garden With Others

Manage your favorite community groups to stay connected!

Garden Manager
Garden Manager

Participating in gardening communities, societies, and seed swaps are great ways to get involved and learn more about the gardening world. Keep track of all your gardening associations and clubs. We have oodles of garden communities listed on our site, such as the National Gardening Society, Hobby Greenhouse Association, and Seed Savers Exchange. We also have associations for all the niche gardeners, like the American Bonsai Society. Peruse them and find kindred spirits!