What is Garden Savvy?

Savvy Gardening Advice for Savvy Gardeners!

Garden Savvy is the internet of everything gardening for being a savvy gardener. We have firsthand experience with the frustration that comes from sifting through endless online search results, to find the right gardening product or information. We offer a wide range of gardening resources that allow gardeners to design, track, manage and collaborate!

Hortisketch, your key to being a savvy gardener, is an easy-to-use gardening design software that allows you to plan your garden, vegetable beds, or even your entire property! Simply drag and drop the plants and other objects onto your canvas and let your imagination run wild. As you choose your plants, a customized growing calendar will help you track when to sow, grow and harvest based on your zip code. We also offer icons for housing, pools, grills, walk-ways, irrigation and more. With Hortisketch, you are able to reference previous years garden design as well as create future gardening ideas. Record information in the notes tab about your plant varieties performance and who you purchased each plant from. The possibilities are endless!

Garden Manager:
Garden Manager, another essential companion to being a savvy gardener, is your new gardening notebook. You can list your seed inventory, track your favorite suppliers, save your favorite articles, and take detailed notes. If desired add pictures and comments. We created a centralized location for all of your gardening notes and reminders. Take Garden Manager on the go so you don’t have to worry about your notes getting lost or wet out in the garden!

Discover the ease of being a savvy gardener with Garden Savvy – your go-to solution for finding quality suppliers! Finding quality suppliers is difficult when utilizing a searching engine, but Garden Savvy makes it easy. We have over 1600 suppliers (and growing!). The categories are divided into flowers, vegetables, fruits, tropicals, supplies, exotics, and woody perennials. Simply search for the item you want or browse through the catalogues to find the best supplier to fit your needs. Whether you are looking for a small amount of bean seeds or buying a unique apple var., we have the supplier for you! We also have a wide variety of vendors that carry gardening supplies, pest management, and soil enhancement products. We really have you covered!

Plant Information:
Gone are the days of sifting through search engines with useless information clouded with pop-up ads. Quickly search our database of hundreds of articles specifically chosen from useful collegiate sources. You can also link them in your Garden Manager profile for future access. Spend more time digging in the garden rather than digging through the internet.

There is a gardening community out there for everyone! Under the community tab, there are all sorts of associations, societies, and clubs for all gardening niches. From roses to bonsai trees to region specific clubs, there is a place for you! You can also keep track of your communities in Garden Manager.

Garden Savvy is here to make the life of a gardener simple and fun. We are a small, family-owned business with a passion for gardening. Our co-founder, George, is a lifelong gardener that understands the struggles of finding the information or product you need, quickly. After years of digging through pages of frustrating search results, he decided that something needed to be done. Small businesses around the country deserve more recognition for their unique products. Therefore, we created a search engine database of over 1600 suppliers and their products to help you locate all the best suppliers. It takes 10 seconds to find what you need as opposed to scrolling and clicking through 10 pages of a search engine result. Know of a small business that isn’t listed on our site? Encourage them to sign up!

Our database idea has grown into our goal of being the ultimate hub for all things gardening! A central location that gets you the gardening solution you want quickly and easily.

For Gardeners, By Gardeners, that’s us!

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