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Plan, build and share your online virtual garden to make your garden dreams come to life.


Hortisketch features include a variety of plant icons, accurate growing and spacing information, and a calendar based on your growing zone. Use the planting and spacing guide to help you properly scale your garden based on the plant's needs. Need to remember that favorite supplier? Or which plant variety did best? There is a place for your notes on Hortisketch.


How does Hortisketch Garden Planning Software Work?

With Hortisketch, planning your garden has never been easier. Hortisketch is a simple, yet robust, garden planning software to design and implement your garden dreams online. Our gardening platform is fully customizable with endless possibilities! You can lay out a vegetable garden, design an orchard, or layout your entire property.

Start Planning Your Garden With Hortisketch

Step 1 : Sign up

Answer a few simple and easy questions to get your garden started.

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Step 2 : Build your garden

Build your garden at your leisure. We offer a complete set of design icons including: vegetables, fruit trees, flowers, fencing, pools, and more! Simply drag and drop your desired flowers, vegetables, fruits and more onto your gardening space. We provide you with accurate spacing for each plant, including growing space, row space, planting depth. Print your plan or screen shot and use on your mobile device.


Step 3: Locate your plants

Once you design your garden, head on over to our suppliers' page to locate the world's best suppliers for all your gardening needs - over 1,600 vendors.

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STEP 4 : Plant and harvest

The personalized growing calendar lets you know when it is time to sow, grow and harvest your fruits, vegetables, and other plants based on your zip code. As you add plants to your garden, they will automatically show up on your calendar.


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The possibilities are endless! With Hortisketch, you can reference plans from previous years to monitor how your garden has evolved and create new plans to incorporate future gardening ideas.


Connect with other garden planners

We want you to feel connected. Our platform allows you to share and view other's gardens, for tips, tricks and inspiration and more. Post photos, comment, share, keep up to date, discover new people and new possibilities.

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WHETHER YOU’RE A BEGINNER OR A PRO, HORTISKETCH makes garden design fun and easy!

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Need to remember that favorite supplier? Or which plant variety did best? There is a place for your notes on Hortisketch or track your notes, suppliers, and industry with our Garden Manager!