Garden Planning 101

Start Your Gardening Journey with Garden Planning Software That's Easy to Use

By Gina LiVorio Posted on 9/28/22

Gardening has numerous mental and physical health benefits, making it a desirable hobby to pick up. For anyone who wants to try their hand at gardening but don’t know where to start, Garden Savvy has compiled a guide to starting your garden from scratch using garden planning software that is dynamic, easy to use and efficient.

Without the right garden planner, your first attempts at gardening might not end up in your favor. Gardeners who embrace garden planning will find themselves with flourishing gardens and less mistakes. This leads us to ask, where exactly should we start?

Gardening Planning: Where to Start?

Gardener wearing garden gloves

Start your garden by enlisting the help of a garden planner that is user friendly, yet robust, to help design and execute your garden dreams. The use of an online, fully customizable gardening platform will take the daunting idea of planning your garden into a feasible reality.

It can get too overwhelming when trying to picture all the elements of gardening in your head or on pen and paper. Instead, garden planning software will set you up for success.

A good garden planner will not only lay out your garden design but will also help design the entire layout of your property, including its sprinkler system, pool, fence, pergolas, grill and much more. Let’s explore Garden Savvy’s Horisketch, which has a feature for this and more.

Garden Savvy’s Hortisketch Gives Gardeners the Edge

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For starters, the best garden planners should be cloud based, so gardeners don’t have to worry about downloading and creating updates. Hortisketch is not only cloud based, but it also has various features that work together with gardeners to ensure optimal success in their gardening endeavors.

Hortisketch allows gardeners to plan out multiple gardens, with an unlimited amount of plants, because we know how convenient this is for gardeners who juggle multiple gardens on different sides of the house of around your property.

Our virtual gardening planning platform also has hundreds of plant icons to drag and drop to build a garden true to your region, with different types of terrain such as asphalt, brick, or grass in order to create driveways and other landscape features to mimic your own property.

Part of the user friendly design of Hortisketch is you can undo and redo as much as you need until you get your garden design right. More user friendly features include zoom in, zoom out, click and drag functionality that is simple to use, as well as a duplication feature that makes your garden design quick and efficient. Use our print out feature to pin up your final design on your refrigerator once completed.

Growing Calendar, Tracking Seasons, Tracking Crop Rotations & More

Beets in a garden

Not only is the garden design part of garden planning important, staying on top of factors that will influence the success of your garden such as seasons, climates, growing zones and crop rotations is equally important.

A good garden planning software like Hortisketch will track crop rotations so you can reuse where you planted your plants and vegetables. For example, you can reuse where you planted tomatoes, and use that space to plant corn there with those same nutrients that are beneficial to multiple plants. Having the ability to track multiple plants allows gardeners to track crop rotations, which will ensure future success of your garden.

We also have a dynamic growing calendar that updates based on what you include in your garden. It provides sowing and growing times, as well as harvest or blooming dates, all based on your specific growing zone, so planning your gardening schedule can be as straightforward as possible.

Hortisketch will also track different seasons or months. It includes a convenient feature that ensures you’re always planting in the right month or season so that you’re not wasting time and money. Simply type in your zip code to find your growing zone based on where you live for a customized gardening experience.

Garden Planning and Understanding Soil

Soil with plants popping up

Healthy soil is always the common denominator in prosperous gardens. Soil gives your plants the nutrients they need and the right amount of air and oxygen for the plant roots to grow.

With that said, after planning your garden using garden planning software and using the garden calendar to customize your garden to your region, understanding your soil is one aspect gardeners have to get right if they want to see their plants grow and thrive.

Before planting anything, test your soil and make sure it’s ready for your plants and vegetables. Your soil might need some help, so use fertilizers to add nutrients to your soil and reduce weeds. Fertilizers like mulch, leaves and hay are great additions to your garden, while mulch can even add a nice look to your flower beds.


Gardeners grow at Garden Savvy! We provide gardeners with the best tools to plan a garden, organize a garden, and research a garden, with Hortisketch, our Garden Manager and our catalog of gardening Suppliers. Get started on your dream garden today.