Tips on Growing Vibrant Window Box Planters

Add Color to the Exterior of Your Home

By Gina LiVorio Posted on 5/31/2019

Ever find yourself ogling over a neighbor’s house, who has a perfect mix of colorful flowers and plants in their window box planters? That could be your house! Window box planters adorned with beautiful, inviting flowers can boost curb appeal and add color to the exterior of your home.

Flower boxes instantly add charm. While it might look intimidating to a beginner gardener, they’re easily attainable. If you’ve decided this is your year to grow vibrant flowers in your window box planters, use these tips to get started. Your flower boxes might even inspire another gardeners to start their own.

Window Box Planters

Choose Flowers Based on Sunlight/Shade

As always, choosing the correct type of flowers or seeds to plant depends heavily on the location of our house. If your planter boxes are exposed to the sun, try planting petunias, sunflowers, blanket flowers or any variety that thrives in full sun. For shaded areas, try begonias, impatiens or fuchsia. Do your research and find a color scheme that will complement each other nicely.

Fill Up Boxes

To get the full effect of a charming planter box, fill the box up with plenty of flowers for a nice and full look. Don’t skimp out on these boxes, you want to be able to see them from the road as you pass by. Lush and vibrant should be the look you’re going for. The rule of thumb for planting flowers is to give them a bit of space in between, but flower planter boxes are a different story.

Potting Mix

Quality soil is important and will lay the foundation for a healthy, lush and full looking flower box. If this is your second or third year gardening with window boxes, use some of the potting mix left over from the prior year and mix it in with the new potting mix. If you’re just starting out, be sure to use quality soil.


Don’t skip this step! Flowers will thrive when they’re regularly fertilized, so aim to do it about once a week. If organic gardening is your goal, there are plenty of organic fertilizers to choose from as well.

Water Often

Since the flowers aren’t getting the benefits associated with being planted in the ground, watering often is a crucial step to vibrant and luscious flower box planters. Soil is just as important, and the flowers have a limited amount to pull moisture from. Make sure your soil is watered so that your flowers are properly nourished.

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