Picking the Right Houseplant

Houseplant types for the office or home

By John Ehrling Posted on 5/21/19

When looking to add color to a room, nothing brightens up the space like a healthy houseplant. A houseplant can bring balance to a busy home or office. Sometimes a touch of green is all you really need to make the space feel alive!

The choices and options are boundless, and it can sometimes feel intimidating when shopping for a new houseplant. Do you go with ferns, succulents, flowers, trees, or hanging plants? Let’s go through each type of houseplant to help you pick the right one!


Types of Plants:

Succulents and Cacti

Succulents and cactus variety are excellent for the lazy gardener or someone who just wants to add a pop of color to their room or office. These types of plants need minimal watering but thrive in the warmth of a comfy home or office.

Foliage Plants

You know the variety we are talking about. Easy to maintain, these large leafy houseplants are begging for attention. We recommend foliage plants for beginners. Most of these types of plants tend to grow between 1-3 feet in height and are excellent for filling in that “gap” in the room where you have run out of furniture and want to make the room look full.

Hanging Houseplants

Hanging plants are excellent for your kitchen, conservatory, or porch. These houseplants add to the height of the room, helping to accentuate the ceiling. Aim for ferns or ivy with arching stems and leaves that dangle.


Tree type houseplants are suited to fill an empty space or build upon the volume of a space.  If you celebrate Christmas, you’ll understand what I’m are saying. Tree houseplants become the focal point of a room. A tree style houseplant is best suited for an office or grand entrance into the home, unless if you’re considering bonsai, which are best suited for your desk.


Requiring the most effort, flowers truly are the ultimate houseplant for adding color to a space. A few flowers sprouting from a pot are perfect for the kitchen table or office desk. The only downside to flowers is they require constant attention and watering to prevent them from wilting.


What’s an unusual houseplant you might be wondering? These are the types of “scary” variety that really pique the interest of visitors. We are talking about venus flytraps, elephant ears, medusa’s head, or coral cactus. When a friend or colleague visits and see’s your unusual plant, you bet they are going to ask about it!

We hope our list of houseplant varieties really helps making your next trip to a nursery easier. We know picking a houseplant can be difficult, so go take a look at the suppliers here on Garden Savvy, as the experts working at these garden nurseries are always willing to help customers find the perfect plants!