How to Care for Poinsettias

Make Your Poinsettia Plant Last Through the New Year!

By Gina LiVorio Posted on 12/26/2019

‘Tis the season for Poinsettias! It’s likely that you’re either giving or receiving this holiday staple this holiday season, so we decided to put together a basic care guide for Poinsettias so that they last through the new year.

Poinsettias are almost as synonymous with Christmas as a Christmas tree or lights, serving as the ultimate holiday plant. Their red or white color goes with any Christmas décor and their boldness creates a striking holiday centerpiece. Poinsettias make great hostess gifts and they make a wonderful main attraction to the dinner table.

Follow these instructions to extend the lifespan of your Poinsettia plant well after the holidays are over to keep the holiday cheer going after the tree comes down and the gifts are unwrapped.

Poinsettia Care


Ideally, Poinsettias need about 6 hours of indirect sunlight a day, so place them in a sunny windowsill to expand their shelf life. Poinsettia plants originate in Mexico, making them a tropical plant that requires plenty of sun.

Room Temperature

A comfortable temperature for Poinsettia plants is anywhere from 65-75 degrees. As long as they stay in a room within that temperature range, never dropping below 60 degrees, they should survive past the holidays. If it’s a particularly cold night and your windowsills get too chilly, move your Poinsettia to a warmer location at night.


Never overwater a Poinsettia plant. Only water your Poinsettia when it feels dry, since too much watering can lead to root rot and kill the plant. Poinsettias don’t need a lot of water; once every two days with room temperature water is enough.


To ensure the healthiness of a Poinsettia plant, inspect its leaves. The leaves will tell you if it needs attention or if your watering practices are incorrect. Look for yellowing or leaves that are either drooping or falling off and you will know if you’re overwatering.


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