Gardening Tools for Beginners

Start your gardening journey with these basic tools

By Gina LiVorio Posted on 11/15/2018

Has gardening always been something you’ve wanted to get into, but life simply got in the way? To inspire your inner green thumb, use this list of gardening tools for beginners to get your creative gardening juices flowing and start that gardening project you’ve always wanted to.

Invest in these basic gardening tools below to start your gardening venture off the right way.

Gardening Tools


Use a hand trowel to pull out unwanted weeds in your garden. Even the most beginner gardener can use a trowel to pull out weeds that pop up unexpectedly. Trowels come with a variety of blades for lots of different uses for your gardening convenience.


Remove any unwanted branches or weeds from your garden with a set of scissors or gardening shears. Additionally, the scissors or shears can be used to cut flowers from your garden.

Hand Rake

Use a hand rake to remove debris from your garden bed, spread mulch or turn soil. The type of rake you need can be determined by the type of job you need to accomplish as a beginner gardener.

Gardening Gloves

Protect your hands from any gardening-related task with gardening gloves. Many gardeners dig in the dirt without gloves, however, they’re a must when it comes to dealing with thorny plants.

Knee Pads

Avoid unnecessary knee pain by being prepared with knee pads to kneel down and work on. Since you will be spending more time than usual kneeling down and working in the garden, your knees will thank you later.

Watering Can

Hydration is vital for your garden, and every beginner needs a watering can for their gardening convenience. A watering can makes it easier to aim, as well as carry around.


If you have a larger garden, a hose is a better choice over a watering can. Make sure it’s long and sturdy enough to reach all the plants that need water.

With some instruction, patience and the resources above, you can become a gardening pro within the year.

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