Creative Garden Hacks to Become a More Efficient Gardener

Make Gardening Easier with These Gardening Hacks

By Gina LiVorio Posted on 12/16/2019

Gardening is a leisurely hobby that we do in our free time, but it can also become difficult to keep up with when we’re crunched for time. Like all things in life, everyone wants to be efficient at what they do, and now we can add gardening to that list.

The seasoned gardeners at Garden Savvy can suggest useful gardening hacks that will change the way you garden, making it a more cost effective and time effective hobby. Save time and money with the following garden hacks and continue to cultivate your flower or vegetable garden as you always have, with a few tweaks to make life a bit easier.

Creative Garden Hacks

Coffee Filter on Bottom of Pots

To keep your soil from spilling from the bottom of your pot through the drainage holes, place a coffee filter on the bottom of your pot. By doing so, you will keep the soil where it belongs after watering – inside the pot.

Plastic Milk Container for Watering Can

Instead of buying a new watering can, beginner gardeners can get creative using what they already have. To make a DIY watering can, take an empty 1-gallon milk jug and cut holes in the cap to create a spout. To make the holes, heat up a needle and push the holes through. Not only are you recycling your old milk containers, you’re also getting some creative use out of them.

Line Planters with Recycled Soda Cans

Lighten up those heavy planters and save money on potting soil by lining the bottom of your planters with recycled soda cans. Instead of packing the whole planter with potting soil, pack the bottom half of the planter with the cans. This hack works well with deep planters because it will provide more drainage by creating better airflow.

Add Baking Soda to Sweeten Tomato Plants

Are your tomato plants producing tart tomatoes? We have the perfect garden hack to sweeten your tomatoes so they come out tasting exactly how you buy them in the store – add baking soda! The baking soda will lower the acidity in your tomato plant when it absorbs into the soil. Mixing baking soda with vegetable oil will also create an organic spray that wards off diseases.


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