Beginner’s Guide to Growing a Rose Garden

Grow Gorgeous Roses by Following These Easy Steps

By Gina LiVorio Posted on 4/24/2019

Roses are some of the most beloved flowers, so it’s unsurprising that gardeners have a vast interest in growing roses at home. Their picturesque presence provides a romantic and serene atmosphere in any garden. Growing and caring for roses is not difficult, but just like any variety of plants or flowers, they have their own unique set of growing guidelines for them to reach their full potential.

Don’t be intimidated by growing roses in your garden! Garden Savvy’s gardening experts have outlined a beginner’s guide to growing a rose garden that any gardener can follow, even the most novice gardeners.

Rose Garden Tips


Rose gardens need a lot of sunlight, so be sure to plant your roses in an area that will get 6-8 hours of sunlight per day. With a minimum of 6 hours of sun a day, your rose garden should be in good shape for optimal growth.


Rose bushes need to be spaced out so that they have plenty of room in between each other. Not only do they need to be planted wide apart to leave room for growth, make sure to dig a deep enough hole for the rose’s roots to fit in nicely for good drainage.

Well-Drained Soil

Roses like well-drained soil and don’t like when their roots are wet. They are susceptible to certain fungal diseases that could rot their roots, so they need well-drained soil rich in organic matter to thrive and bloom. However, rose plants also need enough moisture for the roots to absorb it, so be sure to water twice a week.

Bare-Root Roses

Bare-root roses arrive dormant and have the largest variety to choose from. The trick with bare-root roses is to soak the roots overnight so that they stay moist for the first couple months underground. Select your roses from our list of verified vendors!

Organic Matter

Roses thrive when planted with organic matter, which improves drainage. Mix organic matter like compost or manure in with the soil when planting and prepare for a beautiful, flourishing rose garden.

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