6 Ways to Improve your Lackluster Garden

Revive your Garden & Make It Look Like New Again

By Gina LiVorio Posted on 4/24/2019

Is your garden looking lackluster? Don’t give up just yet. There are ways to improve your dull garden without spending a fortune. With every intention of growing a flourishing garden, sometimes we fall short as gardeners for reasons beyond our control. Outside factors like sunlight, garden pests and poor soil quality can slow down the momentum we’ve created within our beloved home gardens.

Garden Savvy’s gardening experts have the solutions you’re looking for to revive your garden and get it back on track for success. With this checklist, you can turn your uninspired garden into a booming success.

Improve Garden Soil

Test Soil

Healthy soil is the foundation for a healthy garden, so quality soil is critical. If your garden isn’t producing like it used to, use a soil test kit to find out pH, nitrogen, potassium and other nutrient levels to find out if your soil is up to par. If the test indicates your soil is lacking in some areas, it’s time to fertilize or compost to improve soil quality.

Get Rid of Garden Pests

Garden pests like squirrels, deer and slugs can destroy an otherwise healthy garden, so getting rid of these garden pests is a good start for improving a lackluster garden. Find out about the most destructive garden pests and how to prevent them and natural ways to keep insects away from your vegetable garden.

Water Correctly

Overwatering or underwatering can be detrimental to your garden, so finding out the correct watering plan specific to your garden is a key step in reviving a lackluster garden. Once a watering plan is established, investing in an automated irrigation system with the correct amount of water and frequency might help you maintain it better.


A quick prune can go a long way. Pruning your garden can help promote growth, so this step alone can likely improve a doomed garden. By getting rid of dead or overgrown branches, stems, weeds or dead plants, your garden has a shot at a comeback.

Set Boundaries

Garden borders can make a lackluster garden look alive again. Dress up your landscape edging and give your garden the pick-me-up it needs! There are a variety of border types out there, from concrete curb borders, to stone, brick or cedar log borders, so have fun with choosing the right design for your garden.

Pull Out Old, Dead Plants or Vegetables

Out with the old and in with the new. If you’ve been trying to make a certain plant variety or vegetable work in your garden but the growth is stalled, maybe it’s time to rip it out and start fresh. Improving your garden means working with healthy plants and vegetables, so don’t hesitate to pull out the old, dead plants and vegetables that aren’t adding any value to your garden.


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