5 Reasons Gardening is the Perfect Hobby for a Happy Retirement

Have a Happy & Fulfilling Retirement by Taking Up Gardening as a Hobby

By Gina LiVorio Posted on 11/14/2019

Some of us wait decades to retire, and once it happens, we’re left with more free time than we know what to do with. With a newly open schedule, it’s the ideal time to pick up a new hobby or focus on the hobbies we already love but never had time for before.

Explore your options and see what fits your lifestyle and interests the best! We think gardening is the perfect hobby for a happy retirement because of the many benefits it provides; physically, mentally and even financially. Below are some examples of the benefits that come with taking on gardening as a hobby during retirement.

Gardening Into Retirement

Spending Time Outside

Spending time outside is good for mind, body and soul. It’s essentially a free form of therapy! Spending time outside, getting fresh air and taking in Vitamin D can revitalize your energy and overall mood. In other words, more gardening could help contribute to a happier retirement.

Light Exercise

If you struggle to find ways to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle, gardening can be used as a light form of exercise that could lead to improved physical health. Burn calories, strengthen your hands and work your body muscles while having fun gardening during your retirement.

Fresh Produce and Flowers

Picking up gardening as a hobby will lead to a kitchen full of fresh produce, as well as fresh flowers to spread the love with. If you grow your own fruits and vegetables, you’re more likely to eat them more frequently.

Enhance Natural Outdoor Beauty

We would be careless to overlook the benefit of enhancing the beauty of your yard when spending more time gardening. Colorful flowers can be extremely aesthetically pleasing in the back or front yard of your home, and hearty vegetables are not too shabby to the eye either.

Save Money on Healthy Diet

You never thought you’d see ‘save money’ and ‘healthy diet’ in the same sentence, right? In the case of gardening, growing your own fruits and vegetables will benefit financially, allowing you to spend a lot less on seeds compared to buying fresh produce at the supermarket or local farm stand.


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