5 Benefits of Container Gardening

5 Advantages to Growing Plants, Herbs or Flowers in Containers

By Gina LiVorio Posted on 8/23/2019

Container gardeners can achieve different results than regular gardening efforts in the ground, which is why many gardeners like to do it. The biggest advantage of growing plants and flowers in containers is the versatility of a garden you can move anywhere.

Container gardening is perfect for planting herbs just a few feet from your kitchen for your cooking convenience, or planting flowers to pick for bouquets but on a smaller scale. This type of gardening is perfect for beginners – you can even get the kids involved! – because it’s much less maintenance and can be used both inside and outside.

Below are 5 benefits of container gardening that will make you want to start this weekend!

Good Start for Beginner Gardeners

Experienced gardeners know all too well that a lot of time and energy goes into gardening in the ground. Not only do you have to worry about weeding, garden pests or diseases can impact an outdoor garden as well. Container gardening is ideal for beginner gardeners because it’s much less of an undertaking.

No Weeding

As previously mentioned, container gardening virtually eliminates weeding. This means less time spent cleaning up the weeds and less strain on your back. Since plants grown in containers cover much less of a surface area, weeds likely won’t be a factor in this type of gardening.


Growing plants in containers means you can have yourself a portable garden. Wherever you feel like moving your containers is where you garden will be located; on your porch, balcony, on your bedroom windowsill or in your kitchen for easy access to culinary herbs. In the winter, you have the ability to pull your containers in from outside.

Year-Round Flowers

Pulling in your containers from outside means a year-round garden, whether that’s year-round vegetables, herbs or flowers. If you have a plant variety that cannot withstand weather conditions for a certain part of the year, you can bring them inside to extend their life by adjusting the soil and light conditions as needed indoors.

No Garden Pests

Garden pests like squirrels, deer or insects are much less likely to wreak havoc on your container garden, which is a huge benefit to this alternative method of gardening. If insects do find their way into your container, it’s a less complicated job to get rid of them. Simply change out the infected soil with fresh soil and start over.

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