Garden Landscape Ideas for the Front of the House

Boost Curb Appeal with These Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

By Gina LiVorio Posted on 8/29/22

The front yard of your home sets the tone for the rest of your property. First impressions are crucial, and the way your front yard is presented to onlookers speaks volumes to how well you care for the rest of your home.

Since the front yard is the most visible part of your property to passerby’s, many homeowners take pride in making it as beautiful and inviting as possible. Garden planning for the front yard takes some time and thoughtful consideration, and steps are needed to make sure there’s a good balance of color and greenery, good proportions, and more garden design fundamentals.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas Make a Big Impression

Exterior of house with landscaping

Front yard landscape design does take some planning, but the result will be a spectacular initial impression for all guests. Successful front yard garden design can also raise the value of your home, or at the very least make it more desirable to potential buyers.

Don’t miss the opportunity to personalize your front yard with garden design that creates a stunning first look of your home. The right landscape design for the front yard will boost your home’s curb appeal and lay the foundation for a beautiful home.

Landscaping Ideas for the Front of the House

Garden pathway

There are many ways to make a good first impression with front yard landscape design. In need of some front yard garden design inspiration? Garden Savvy has you covered. Below are our best landscaping ideas for the front of the house to make it stand out among the rest.

Mix Colors and Textures

An interesting mix of colors and textures will give your front yard strong visual appeal. From finding the right mix of greenery and colors, to mixing different shrubs and flowers to create contrasting interest, finding harmony in your garden design with a cohesive color scheme is a must.

Plants That Match the Scale of the House

It’s important to choose plants that match the scale of your home. This can be achieved by choosing plant heights that don’t overwhelm the exterior of your home or straying away from plants that will crowd your exterior windows.

Consider Style of Home’s Exterior

The style of your home’s exterior greatly impacts your garden design. For example, contemporary or modern homes tend to have minimalistic front yard garden design schemes, while more traditional homes have clean lines, lush green lawns, and manicured shrubs.

Line Walkways

Create visual interest and boost curb appeal by lining your walkways and pathways with colorful flowers. Take it a step further and place exterior lighting along your walkways to illuminate the path to the front door at night. At the top of the walkway, place planters with seasonal flowers in them along each side.

Raised Stone Beds

Raised stone beds are a nice way to highlight a portion of your garden design. Whether using natural stone, pavers, or bricks, elevating your shrubs and flowers in one area of the yard can draw your eye to a colorful part of the front yard that deserves to be showcased.

Design Your Front Yard with Hortisketch Garden Planner

Hortisketch garden design software

Garden Savvy’s Hortisketch and Garden Manager allows gardeners to easily plan out your home’s garden design, whether it’s planning your garden in the backyard, front yard, or anywhere you grow plants on your property.

Hortisketch is an online, fully customizable gardening platform with endless possibilities. Take the time to plan out your front yard landscaping with Hortisketch before making your front yard landscaping dreams come to life.


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