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955 Benton Ave., Winslow, ME 4901


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Johnny's selected seeds specializes in organic fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs and more! Sow with confidence: We store our seeds under carefully controlled conditions of low humidity and temperature, operate a quality-assurance lab on site, and closely monitor germination of all our seed lots, so that we ship you only the most viable seeds possible.

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  • Certified Organic by WSDA and USDA
  • Certified Non Organic by WSDA and USDA
  • Certified Non GMO by WSDA and USDA


  • US & Canada

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PalauMay.5, 2019

I bought a selection of different seeds from Johnny's to give it a try. The seeds all sprouted and the fruits and vegetables look very edible. Home grown is the best! Can't wait to incorporate them into my recipes, yum.



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