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Iris4u Garden is a family operated iris garden in Denver, Colorado. Iris Bob, as he is affectionately nicknamed, grows and sells approximately 1000 newer Tall Bearded Iris varieties in the heart of the Mile High City.

As a rising hybridizer for Tall Bearded Iris, he has approximately 10,000 seedlings under evaluation at any given time from previous years to current seedlings still in pots waiting to germinate.

The garden was established at its currant location in 1994 and was about 1 ¾ acres in its original state. Since then, the garden has undergone quite a few changes. With the addition of adjoining properties it is now close to 3 acres in size, which makes the garden all the more unique - especially at the height of our bloom season.

In 2009, Iris4u Greenhouse opened in Hamburg Germany, making this family of iris growers truly international. In his "spare time", Bob runs a landscape maintenance business which actually supports his habit or better his passion for growing and hybridizing Tall Bearded Iris. A simple request from one of his landscaping customers for a pink iris was the catalyst that started Bob's transformation into Iris Bob. Bob started hybridizing Tall Bearded Iris in 1998 and introduced his first cultivars in 2005.

There are always plenty of seedlings being evaluated, selected and reselected and cultivars being rejected and thrown onto the compost pile. The selection process involves a lot of planting, replanting and culling to find the few varieties with that special quality or look, which exemplifies Iris4u’s motto: “Growing and Hybridizing Tall Bearded Iris for Beauty, Performance and your Pleasure.”

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