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P.O. Box 150, 405 North Main Street, Rocky Ford, CO 81067


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About Burrell Seed Growers Co.

The Burrell Seed legacy began modestly.

Shortly after moving to Rocky Ford in 1896, D.V. Burrell noticed a shortage of Rocky Ford cantaloupe seed. This exceptional seed was in high demand at a time when over 100 railroad cars of cantaloupe were being shipped to St. Louis, Missouri. Determined to meet the demand, D.V. bought several cars of cantaloupe to harvest the seed. He began by hawking seed in a vacant lot, the same lot that Burrell Seed Growers occupies today. Over time, he expanded his offerings with a variety of quality fruit, vegetable and flower seeds. The Arkansas River Valley provided the perfect climate for his endeavor.

Today Burrell Seed Growers, LLC remain dedicated to preserving these heirloom varieties of open pollinated seed, as well as offering many new ones.

Much of our seed is measured the same way it has been for over one hundred years. The scoops used for packaging are a precious part of our history. In the early 1900’s, people were dependent on kitchen gardens, rather than grocery stores. Therefore large families required generous seed packets. This tradition continues today. Our antique scoops provide ample seed for your garden and a move towards self sufficiency.

Our passion for growing and maintaining the biodiversity of the region never waivers. Wandering the fields and watching them grow gives us as much pleasure as helping you grow your own crops. We are here to help all growers, large and small.

Please stop by and visit us. We are sure you will enjoy our historic building as much as we do.

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