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Grigsby cactus gardens has been growing plants for the collector since 1965. what started out as a hobby that outgrew the backyard is now an...

For spring we grow approximately 20,000 hanging baskets each spring including geranium, begonia, fuchsia, verbena, lantana, boston ferns as well as...

Succulents are a very special group of plants that excel in colonizing arid and inhospitable environments.

Our collection has grown and expanded to over 650 different varieties of hardy and soft succulents, including haworthia, kalanchoe, senecio, aeonium ...

Vinland valley nursery specialize in evergreens, fruit, grass and more

Since 1950, we've been growing a wide range of ornamental plant varieties, and delivering them to gardeners all over the country.

We have established a reputation for growing and importing exotic succulent plants that are seldom found at other nurseries.

Avant gardens specializes in perennials, ornamental grasses, trees, shrubs, vines, succulents and more

Lawyer nursery produce deciduous seedlings and transplants, rootstocks, shrubs and conifers.

Morse nursey sell a variety of plants including apple trees, berries, bushes, shrubs, crabapple trees, and more

We have the largest selection of passiflora in north america and regularly sell to universities and the top passiflora experts in the world.

Cold hardy cactus, succulents, and perennials for the rock gardening enthusiast.

Rare plant research, a specialty nursery, in 1987. in the early years the nursery focused on plant research, collector plants and varieties new to...

Our families were cacti and succulent collectors, as children we learned to cultivate, propagate and care for them as a hobby. now we are dedicated...

Specialize in stapelaids

Seattle seed company, your source for organic, heirloom and always non-gmo seeds and garden supplies

Logee's interests centered around the unusual form of Begonias. He hybridized begonias for Logee’s and was one of the original founders of the...

Taylor greenhouses offers an ever-expanding selection of over 1,500 healthy, rare, and exotic pest-free plants.

Specialize in cacti and succulents

Simply succulents® grows and sells a variety of hardy and exotic succulents and living garden art created with these beautiful, versatile plants.