A broad category that includes exotic plants such as: ferns, trees, mosses, shrubs, herbs, cacti, and more!

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When we say we love hostas, we really mean it! come see over 800 hostas in one place!

Taylor greenhouses offers an ever-expanding selection of over 1,500 healthy, rare, and exotic pest-free plants.

Ampac seed company offers a comprehensive line of top quality turf and forage seeds.

Specialize in cacti and succulents

You can buy trees, shrubs, herbs, and an array of garden plants on this site or pickup directly from our fruit tree and garden nursery.

Growers of organic heirloom and organic farm selected seeds open- pollinated & non-gmo seeds for the home and market gardener nationwide

Zolock gardens specializing in daylilies and hostas

T's Flowers & Things sells a large variety of perennial and annual seeds, including daylily seeds. Also offered is a large selection of perennial...

We will to provide you with the best and most unique herbal seeds that can be found on the internet.

The variegated foliage nursery is one of the premier nurseries in the east featuring rare plants, trees, shrubs, variegated foliage, and hostas.

Just some folks in the hills who grow a really unusual cactus plant.

Prairies, wetlands, woodlands, and shorelines and native plant landscapes designed, installed and maintained by educated and experienced staff.

We offer a wide range of plants, most of which are cold hardy in southern new england. we also offer uniquely versatile and effective tree...

Prairie frontier wildflower & prairie grass seed specializes in wildflowers and prairie grass seeds

Direct gardening offers a wide range of quality gardening plants, seeds, bulbs and supplies at very low prices to gardening enthusiasts in the united...

Conifer Kingdom offers the largest selection available with over 600 varieties, in sizes from sapling to large, mature specimens are available in...

Botanique is a plant nursery specializing in carnivorous plants, such as the venus' fly trap, pitcher plants, sundews and more. pitcher plants are...

Pikes peak nurseries specializing in conifers, ornamental trees/ shrubs and other plant products

Here you may learn about the ecology, cultivation, conservation, and taxonomy of carnivorous plants

Whatley Farm is a diversified, certified-organic family farm in Topsham, Maine. We grow about 4 acres of annual vegetables, assorted smaller...