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For more than 40 years, the King family owned and operated the nursery in central California, offering the most comprehensive collection of...
Clematis and other beautiful vines all over the country
We are particularly interested in small-flowered species and hybrids that are so easy and rewarding to grow. our aim is also to introduce new but...
Flowers that attract butterflies, clematis, color for spring, bug colors, color or shade, re bloomers, draught tolerant and more
Four-and-a-half acres are devoted to gardens and stock fields, a half-acre to retail sales, and three acres to growing space.
We are a Dahlia Farm located in Petaluma, California. We grow and sell cut flowers, tubers, and plants. We also provide a beautiful space for the...
Big Dahlias is the place to buy tubers for large dahilas. Big Dahlias is your source to purchase giant dahlia tubers. We exclusively sell tubers for...
Have all different types of dahlias
We have a large variety of dahlias for sale.
Farm Direct Dahlia Tubers, Cut Flowers and Perennials ! 100% American Grown. When you buy from us, you are buying direct from our farm....
Have a variety of dahlias
We are your source for high quality dahlia tubers and cut dahlia flowers.
Leading dahlias specialist
Dahlias has been selling tubers over the internet since 2007. more than 2000 plants with over 1050 varieties.
Known for our quality dahlia tubers and cut dahlia flowers in season. Our dahlias are inspected by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. We have a...
Over 500 dahlia varieties to choose from
Currently grow over two hundred varieties. i specialize in show quality dahlias
We specialize in dahlia tubers and have more than 40+ years experience in raising dahlias.
We are the premier dahlia growers in the northwest.
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The collection now numbers more than 10,000 taxa, many unknown to cultivation. Several of these plants have been introduced to gardening in recent...
Goods and products like those the Anglo-Saxons used everyday.