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Wilson Group Companies (WGC) own and operate “Whole Gardener – A Soil & Nutrient Company”. The company is uniquely suited for formulating, manufacturing and packaging plant foods. It has a long history of developing and manufacturing specialty fertilizer and soil products for the turf, landscape and major fertilizer distributor marketplace.

Our size, scope, manufacturing capabilities, expertise and technology allow WGC to economically source and/or manufacture the highest quality plant foods and soil amendments. Our plant food blends are formulated and manufactured to be state-of-the-art homogeneous granulated products. A major benefit is that this unique process results in every granule being consistent in product size and nutrient properties – from formula to formula. WGC has experience manufacturing plant food products formulated with synthetic, natural/organic (including sustainable/renewable sources) or the combination of both (bridge) plant food sources.

WGC has established the “Whole Gardener” E-Commerce website to provide the services, products and know-how to the consumer market that in the past was reserved for the specialty fertilizer and distributor markets.

The emphasis of the “Whole Gardener” is on providing high quality plant nutrients and soil amendment products in a convenient, easy to use and informative way, geared for the organic and natural gardener. This E-commerce website will provide do-it-yourself (DIY) plant food sources and resources to make your own plant food blends as well as providing in-house manufactured granulated plant food products. Additionally, a wide array of soil amendments will be available. Ordering products is made easy. Helpful information about plant nutrition, plant specific growing recommendations, optimum growing conditions and requirements, resources and other support information for the gardener is included.

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