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1860 Monte Vista Dr., Vista, CA 92085

(866) 407-4268

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Succulent Market is a third-generation cactus and succulent farm. We have been growing live cactus and succulents for over 50 years. We now offer you the ability to order our extensive selection of cactus and succulents online! Buy succulents online from the comfort of your home. Pick and choose from over 100 different varieties of live cactus and succulents for sale. Buy popular succulent varieties such as Echeveria, Sedum, Crassula, Haworthia, and more! We also offer potted succulents, succulent cuttings, colorful succulents, and the ability to buy succulents in bulk! Finally, your search for the ultimate succulent shop is over! Satisfy all of your horticultural needs and become proud plant parents with Succulent Market!

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Musical GardenerJuly.30, 2020

I love this store, they have such a good variety!



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