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27452 S Gribble Rd, Canby, OR 97013


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About Miller's Manor Gardens

Miller’s Manor Gardens was a mail order iris, daylily, and hosta operation along with a small nursery specializing in unusual perennials, shrubs, and trees many of which were sourced from Oregon. The commercial business was closed with the move allowing more time for hybridizing, true gardening and plant searching.

The garden now includes roughly 1000 different perennials ranging from sun to shade loving (not counting iris) and over 400 different conifers (Nathan’s specialty). During normal years there is generally something blooming in the gardens at all times. These plantaholics are truly addicted and the limiting factor with new plant selections is most frequently mature size, the smaller the better. Nathan uses most of the conifers for grafting material and Roger propagates several perennials.

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The Happy GardenerApril.23, 2019

I've used Miller's in the past for Conifer tree's and have nothing but great things to say. The people working there are nice and very helpful. The confiers I planted look great. Down the road I plan to purchase some flowers from them.



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