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RR1, St. Isidore, ON K0C 2B0

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About Greta's Organic Garden

As an organic seed company based in Ontario. Greta’s Organic Gardens assists customers in cultivating a unique and high quality garden and plants. We provide organic gardening seeds that flourish into plants and vegetables with enhanced taste and colorful appearance.

The experts at Greta’s Organic Gardens have grown and tested many old-fashioned plant varieties, which has allowed us to provide an abundance of great-tasting vegetable seeds. Today, plants are being replaced by hybrids and genetically altered varieties. By growing organic plants in your own garden, you can help preserve our vegetable heritage.

Evolve your garden from average to extraordinary with our organic vegetable seeds. We offer an assortment of seeds for tomatoes, peppers, and beans. Our many categories offer the ultimate customization of your personal organic garden.

We are so confident you will notice a difference in our organic seeds, that we offer a money back guarantee.

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  • Certified Organic by WSDA and USDA
  • Certified Non GMO by WSDA and USDA


  • US & Canada

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