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1008 Eagle Ridge Drive, Billings, MT 59101

(406) 698-3567

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About Eagle Ridge Iris Gardens

At Eagle Ridge Iris Gardens, we have approximately 3500-4000 different varieties of Iris. We are not a public display garden, or commercial iris growers selling for livelihood or profit. Commercial growers, like Sutton's, Superstition, Schreiner's, Stout, Mid America, lift and replant every year and have huge rhizomes. They have wonderful growing conditions and are fantastic places to buy inexpensive irises. We, however, are in Montana zone 4b, and our growing season is quite a bit shorter. Our rhizomes are smaller because of this. They are very well acclimated to northern growing zones.

We basically grow/hoard iris for our own enjoyment. We sell the increases of the best growers to make room for more of the 80,000 iris varieties out there.

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