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We are a small distributor specializing in quality show dahlias. We carry our own introductions, a few top show winning dahlias, and dahlias originiated by members of the Snohomish County Dahlia Growers Cooperative.

We started growing dahlias seriously in the early 1990's and after much research, joined the Snohomish County Dahlia Society, the Federation of Northwest Dahlia Growers and the American Dahlia Society in 1994. We entered our first dahlia show at the Snohomish show in the summer of 1995 and won best novice bloom in the show. The following week at the Puget Sound Dahlia Association show we put four entries on the head table, again winning the best novice bloom in the show and the best challenge flower in the show. Our 1st "Best in Show" entry came the following year at the Skagit Valley Dahlia Society show and since then we have consistently won numerous dahlia awards at ADS sponsored dahlia shows in the Pacific Northwest.

As members of the Snohomish County Dahlia Society, we were fortunate enough to be mentored by some of the best hybridizers in the world . Gordie Leroux (Kenora), Dick Ambrose (Camano), Dick Williams (Skipley), Bill Bonneywell (Snoho), Dick Mathies (Fidalgo) and Mick Senior. All of them helped develop our love and appreciation for developing new varieties. Several of our introductions have won the Derrill Hart award and Clearview Irene won the Dudley award. In addition, both Clearview Irene and Clearview Arlene have won the prestigious Phillip Damp award given to the best foreign origination at the Shepton Mallet show in England.

In addition to being officers in our local society, we are also very involved in the Federation of Northwest Dahlia Growers where Dick is currently serving as President. We also serve on the classification committee for the American Dahlia Society. Needless to say, growing and showing dahlias has become a very important and valued part of our lives.

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