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Phone order perennial flower supplier in Canada.

For spring we grow approximately 20,000 hanging baskets each spring including geranium, begonia, fuchsia, verbena, lantana, boston ferns as well as...

It has been a great pleasure and lifelong experience engaging with these exotic plants over the past 30 years. we have also experience a phenomenal...

Specialize in cacti and succulents

We carry over 600 high-quality varieties, including hundreds of heirlooms and certified organic seed, that has been tested several times for high...

Bluestem nursery specializes in ornamental grasses and willows

Tropiflora specializes in bromeliad, tillandsias, aroids and foiliage, cycads, palms and more

Welcome to the jurassic garden, a family-owned rare plant nursery in los angeles, california, founded in 1998 by maurice levin. we specialize in...

We are enthusiastic hobbyists that grow cacti & succulents for the collector, specializing in the rare & uncommon, along with the very interesting &...