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Garden currently growing over 1500 cultivars arranged around our home. growing large and small flowers, doubles, spiders, exotic forms, ufo's and...

Sunset valley orchids is dedicated to the breeding of new orchid hybrids.

River valley orchids specializes in primarily new world orchid species from ecuador, colombia and peru.

Check out our wide selection of beautiful orchids, exotic tropical flowers, lush foliage and leis.

We specialize in miniature orchids that can be grown in the house and have a long history in the orchid-growing community around the world.

We've been growing orchids commercially for 20 years, and currently have approximately 35,000 orchid plants growing in our new british columbia...

Cal-orchid is a wholesale/retail orchid nursery in santa barbara, california that prides itself in providing the finest and often exclusive orchids...

Phelps farm orchids specializes in a variety of orchids

Olompali orchids specializes in cattleya, hybrids and laelia

We grow the finest intergeneric orchid varieties found anywhere in the world.

We propagate rare and desirable paphiopedilum and phragmipedium species and unusual hybrids for the domestic market.