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Since 1950, we've been growing a wide range of ornamental plant varieties, and delivering them to gardeners all over the country.

A retail nursery specializing in hellebores and hard-to-find shrubs and perennials for sun and shade

For over 35 years, we have delivered premium quality bamboo from our farm in sonoma county. with nearly 300 species to choose from on our beautiful...

Salt spring seeds grows a variety of vegetables and grains, including: peas, beans, oats, wheats, quinoa, peppers, corn, cucumbers and more

We offer even the most obscure items from fig trees to kwanzan cherry trees.

Many Canadians are unaware of the fact that they can grow certain rare species of bamboo in every Province. We are collectors of rare, exotic, and...

Mail and phone order flowers.

Burton's bamboo garden provides garden club tours and professional bamboo installation for residents of cincinnati, ohio, and the rest of the midwest.

Specialty nursery providing expert bamboo landscaping services. with over 300 varieties of bamboo (including many rare and hard to find species)...

We offer many shade and ornamental plants as well as lots of food bearing vegetation. fruit bearing plants have become our biggest sellers over the...