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Waterford gardens is recognized as one of the country's premiere water lily farms. specializing in all things aquatic, we offer an extensive...

Since 1950, we've been growing a wide range of ornamental plant varieties, and delivering them to gardeners all over the country.

Offer multiple plants, fish, supplies and more

For 100 years we have offered equipment and accessories to professional growers and to the landscape industry.

Sell waterlilies, self and bog plants, lotus, pond supplies, fish, tadpoles, snails, floating and submerged, plants

We specialize in growing native restoration plants and aquatic plants for water gardens, wetlands and uplands such as hardy and tropical waterlilies ...

Garden ponds & water garden offers an array of aquatic supplies for ponds and water gardens.

We provide the finest aquarium plants available for freshwater aquariums. we ship freshwater aquatic plants to aquarium enthusiasts worldwide at...