Natural Weed Killers That Won't Kill Your Flowers

Try These Kid-Friendly, Pet-Friendly and Eco-Friendly Weed Killers For Your Garden

By Gina LiVorio Posted on 10/20/2021

All gardeners know that it’s a skill in itself to get rid of the weeds in your flower beds without destroying your beautiful flowers along with it. The best way to do it is to use natural weed killers, many of which are common household items already in your kitchen.

Many weed killers on the market can be toxic to humans and pets, but the natural remedies for weeds are safe and effective. Those same chemicals that are potentially harmful to us can be harmful to your flowers or any garden plants. To avoid sabotaging your garden, make organic weed killers right at home with common ingredients like vinegar, lemon and salt.

Why Use Natural Weed Killer?

The alternative to chemical-based, store-bought weed killers are all natural homemade weed killers. Gardeners who are environmentally conscious enjoy using organic gardening methods because they don’t contain pesticides and herbicides that can harm the environment. They also protect the health of our children and pets, along with us gardeners who are using them.

Chemicals like glyphosate are effective at keeping weeds at bay and have been deemed safe for use, but they will kill anything in their path, including our precious flower beds. They work by killing the weeds at the root. For a safe, non-toxic way to achieve similar results, keep reading our tips for natural weed killers.

The Top Natural Weed Killers that are Safe for Flowers

Boiling Water

The steam from boiling water can be used as an effective natural weed killer, but when handling scolding hot water gardeners must exercise caution when using it. Pour the hot water directly on the weeds and watch as they disappear.

Water not only won’t harm the environment, but it’s also the easiest method for natural weed killing in that it costs nothing, with no preparation needed other than boiling the water.


Cornmeal prevents seed growth by stopping them from germinating. Don’t use corn gluten meal on a new garden or your flowers and plants will die before they have a chance to grow.

This natural weed killing method should be used after your garden is established and all your seeds are planted. Added benefits of cornmeal are it will attract worms, who will enrich the soil, and contains nitrogen, which will enhance overall garden health.


Vinegar is highly acidic and contains acetic acid, which is an eco-friendly weed killer. Many gardeners use vinegar in a spray bottle, mixed with dish soap. It’s important to spray the weeds directly because vinegar is strong enough to kill other plants as well. Make sure to spray on weeds on a sunny day with little wind. The wind can blow away and poison nearby plants in the garden.

Lemon Juice

The juice from lemons can act as a homemade herbicide because of its citric acid properties. When weeds are doused in lemon juice, the acidity will burn the weeds and cause them to die. Lemon juice is most effective when mixed with vinegar. The high acidity in both vinegar and lemon juice will lower the pH in the soil surrounding the weeds, which causes them to die.


Mulching isn’t just good for soil health, it’s also a natural weed killer. Mulch is more of a weed control method rather than a weed killer. Spreading a layer of mulch on top of your soil will protect it by blocking out light. This layer of mulch will also retain moisture within your soil and eventually break down to release valuable nutrients.


Salt is an effective natural weed killer, but it does have its disadvantages. Leave a pinch of salt at the base of the weeds, but no where else. Salt is known for making soil infertile, known as “salting the earth” in the Middle Ages.

Pull By Hand

Any of the above at home natural weed killers will work but there’s always the old-fashioned method of pulling weeds by hand. If weeds are pulled out of the ground, root included, they won’t grow again.

Our tips are to use a trowel, dampen the area to make digging easier, and wear a protective pair of gardening gloves. This method involves more work but it’s also satisfying knowing the roots are pulled out and won’t come back.

Natural Weed Killer Conclusion

Reclaim the beauty of your garden by getting rid of pesky weeds the natural way. These eco-friendly, kid and pet-friendly and less expensive weed killers for flower beds are just as effective as chemical-based weed killers that contain herbicides and pesticides.


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