Selecting the Right Weed Wacker for Your Garden

How to handle weeds in your garden

By Jake Posted on 12/15/18
Bulky Lawnmower

If you own a garden or simply a lawn, then you know the key to keeping everything well-maintained lies in a high quality tool. When it comes to maintaining the yard, most people first think about lawn mowers but they aren’t the practical and that is why our recommendation is using a weed wacker, especially if you have a small to medium garden.

Lawnmowers are big and bulky, and they aren’t that easy to control, while weed wackers are smaller, lighter, and they will get the job done, even in those hard to reach places. But, they aren’t all made equal, and that is why you need to consider the following when selecting the best weed wacker for your garden!

How to choose the best weed wacker for your garden?

Selecting the power source for the weed wacker

The first thing you have to know is there are two main types of weed wackers: Electric or Gas powered. The biggest difference between electric and gas weed wackers is the noise. 99% of gas weed wackers are very loud and you have to use earplugs, so if you have a quiet neighborhood or you don’t want to wear earplugs, go with electric powered. Gas powered weed wackers also tend to be heavier due to the size of the motor and gas chamber.

For electric models, there are two types you can choose from, the corded or battery operated weed wackers. The corded electric weed wackers are made for small to medium yards and their main disadvantage is that you can’t walk around because you have to look where the cable is and make sure you don’t cut it. This also means that you have a certain range for cutting grass and you have to be 100% sure that the cable is long enough for your entire yard before you purchase it. The battery operated weed wackers are far better options because you don’t have a specific range, you can go wherever you want. The downside to this convenience is they aren’t as powerful as gas or corded weed wackers, so if you have a really stubborn weed or you haven’t maintained your garden in ages, you should consider gas models.

Ergonomics and design

Now that you know the ups-and-downs of electric vs. gas powered weed wackers, now you need to consider the ergonomics of the wacker. Consider the shape of the shaft and handle. Typical weed wackers either have a straight or curved shaft. The straight shaft gives you longer operating area and better view over the garden while you are trimming. It is easier to control so it is a good choice for first time users. But, the curved shaft enables more control over the cutting area because it allows you to reach places under the bushes. Due to the curvature of the shaft, you can easily cut the grass from places that are hard to reach so if you have an odd shaped yard, go with a curved shaft. Some weed wackers are also adjustable and vary in weight, which is something to consider when making your purchase; you want to make sure the wacker you purchase is comfortable to hold and utilize for extended periods of time.

Curved vs. Straight shaft

While selecting a new weed wacker for your garden or lawn, be sure to consider the power source, design, adjustability, and weight. If you’re looking to learn more about weed wackers, we recommend you visit our friends and experts over at Weed Eater Hero for more detailed weed wacker guides and information. If you feel equipped and ready to purchase now, take a look at some of the great gardening tool vendors here on Garden Savvy. Happy Wacking!