Best Gift Ideas For Gardeners!

Cheap gift ideas for gardeners

By John Ehrling Posted on 12/15/18

Have a gardener in your life? You’ve come to the right place! With the whether it’s a holiday gift, birthday, or special occasion,  you may be at a loss for what to get this special person as a gift, so that they can continue gardening! For that very reason, we’ve scoured a number of different gardening centers and gardening tool suppliers to find this year’s best gifting options for the gardener in your life!

Here are the 4 best gift ideas for gardeners, and all of them are sold by some of our various garden suppliers!

Gardener Gift Ideas

Gardener’s Pocket Tool Kit

A gardener’s pocket tool kit is the perfect, affordable, and useful gift that almost every gardener is guaranteed to love! When it comes to gardening, you can never have enough tools, especially clippers and nippers. A tool kit should be ergonomic, compact, and well-built, perfect for everyday use in the garden, clipping, and pruning! Take a look at these suppliers to find the perfect set of pruners, snippers, and sharpeners, so that you can always have the right tool for the job.



Gardener’s Puddle-Proof Tote

Providing convenience more than anything, a gardener’s puddle-proof tote bag will have your loved one singing your praise each and every time they head out to their garden with their tool bag. Effectively puddle-proof, a tote bag can hold all of your tools and most importantly, it won’t seep up water the second you put it down after a fresh watering. Look for bags designed with a rubber bottom to keep all of your tools dry and moisture free, the ultimate convenience for even the beginning gardener!


Comfort Kneeling Pad

How often does the gardener in your life complain about aches and pains after a long day out in the garden? Most of that is caused by kneeling down and putting too much pressure on the knees. To help provide them with a better solution, a comfort kneeling pad will certainly bring more than comfort into the daily work of a gardener.

Image: Cool Sparta


Safety Gloves

For the rose-loving gardener in your life, we have the perfect gift option that they’ll thank you for again and again. A trendy, stylish, and functional pair of gardening gloves will protect their hands against the pricks and thorns of rose bushes or any other plant, allowing them to pick and prune without worry! We recommend a glove designed with an extra long cuff, to ensure that the wearer is protected throughout their forearms. In addition, with a flexible and breathable design, quality gloves won’t retain moisture, allowing them to stay clean and fresh throughout the hot summer months!


So, what do you think about our top 4 gifts for gardeners? Be sure to comment below and make a recommendation if you think we’ve missed something exciting!