Top 25 Gardening Podcasts

The Best Gardening Podcasts

By John Ehrling Posted on 11/23/20

Who doesn’t love a good podcast? Podcasts are a great way to relax and learn something new. Here at Garden Savvy we listen to a lot of gardening podcasts, so we compiled our list of the best gardening podcasts.


These podcasts are not in any particular order as they are all wonderful and each can entertain and teach you something new in their own way.


The 25 Best Gardening Podcasts


Homesteading & Gardening in the Suburbs – Misfit Gardening

homesteading and gardening in the suburbs podcast logo

The Misfit Gardener Emma Raven hosts this incredible podcast. Emma shares her knowledge on vegetable gardening and homesteading. Garden Savvy’s co-founder George Nagrodsky also had the privilege to be interviewed by Emma in October 2020. Listen to the interview Southern Gardening Strategies.


Southern State Gardening

Southern Gardening podcast logo

An extension of Mississippi State University, the Southern State Gardening podcast is hosted by Dr. Gary R. Bachman. There are over 1000 episodes archived on the site. Each short episodes is accompanied by a youtube video where Dr. Bachman educates us on a variety of different plants and topics. Southern State Gardening is a weekly podcast.


Joe Gardener Podcast

Joe Gardener show podcast logo

The joe gardener Show, is hosted by Joe Lamp’l. At the time of this post there are over 180 different episodes to choose from. Each episode features a prominent gardener where they discuss a fresh gardening topic. On Joe’s site you can also find a large variety of free growing guides, videos, blogs, and more!


Epic Gardening

Epic Gardening podcast logo

The brilliant gardener Kevin Espiritu is the host and founder of the site and he posts regular short-form podcast episodes. Each episode is packed with information and keeps you coming back for more. The short length makes it easy to digest and learn from Kevin. On Epic Gardening you will also find Kevin’s extensive list of blogs, videos, books, and gardening tips. We also had the opportunity to interview Kevin Espiritu, be sure to check out our Epic Gardening Interview.



plantrama podcast logo

Hosted by Ellen Zachos and C.L. Fornari, Plantrama is a world-famous gardening podcast. Their podcast covers all the important plant information you need to grow the most successful vegetable and flower garden. C.L Fornari is also the host of GardenLine on WXTK 95.1FM. C.L interviewed Garden Savvy’s co-founder George Nagrodsky in 2019. Listen to the episode of Garden Savvy on GardenLine.


Jane Perrone “On The Ledge”

Jane perrone on the ledge podcast logo

With more than 160 different episodes, On The Ledge is the podcast for gardeners who prefer houseplants. Episodes typically range from 40-60 minutes where all aspects of houseplants and care are covered. On her site you can also read her blog, shop her merchandise, and more!


Let’s Argue About Plants

lets argue about plants podcast logo

A younger podcast, having started in 2017, but nonetheless a powerhouse podcast. In this podcast managed by you learn about a variety of horticultural subjects from the Editor-in-chief Steve Aitken and Senior Editor Danielle Sherry.


RHS Gardening Podcast

RHS gardening podcast logo

A classic with hundreds of episodes. Learn from master gardeners and horticulturalists from the Royal Horticultural Society. The RHS Gardening Podcast offers seasonal advice, solutions to gardening issues, and new inspiration for you to add to your garden.


Neil Sperry’s Podcast

neil sperry podcast logo

Renowned Texan gardener Neil Sperry shares his horticultural brilliance with all of us. Not only can you listen to his podcast on his site, but you’re able to pick up his latest books and sign up for his gardening newsletter. Neil Sperry’s show can also be found on Texas’ WBAP radio channel each Saturday 8am to 9am.


Plant Talk Radio

Plant Talk Radio podcast logo

With over 81 hours of content, you can never go bored with Plant Talk Radio hosted by Fred Hower. Not only can you listen to each episode on the Plant Talk Radio website, but you can listen in each Saturday morning on easy 95.1fm or am920 wmni. Plant Talk Radio also features an additional short-form podcast called “Plant of the Week” where Fred discusses a single plant in short 5 minute or less snippets.


My Garden Podcast

my garden podcast logo

Hosted by Penny Haslam, Penny shares her love and passion for growing plants and gardening. Penny’s podcast is easy to digest with episodes averaging 10-15 minutes each.


A Way to Garden

a way to garden podcast logo

Find the A Way to Garden podcast on itunes, spotify, stitcher, or live stream. This amazing podcast is hosted by the brilliant Margaret Roach. You can also find it on Robin Hood Radio in Sharon, CT, to listen live at 8:30am EDT Monday mornings. Margaret is well known for interviewing some of the most prominent gardeners in the industry.


The Veg Grower

the veg grower podcast logo

Nearing almost 400 episodes, this U.K based favorite is hosted by Richard Suggett. On Richard’s podcast The Veg Grower, he covers all his favorite ways to grow and harvest a variety of edibles. On his site you can also find links to his forum for group discussion and links to his Youtube content.


Frisella’s All Around the Yard

frisellas all around the yard podcast logo

Tony Frisella Jr. and his podcast All Around the Yard is a young and very approachable podcast. His episodes are around 20-30 minutes and are perfect for the average commute to work. Learn about gardening in little bite sizes episodes.


Beginner’s Garden – Journey With Jill

the beginners garden journey with jill podcast logo

Jill McSheehy’s podcast The Beginner’s Garden is unique in the sense that it’s perfect for any new gardeners. While most podcasts try and focus on general gardening tips and horticultural information, Jill’s approach is laser focused on helping new gardeners learn the tips they need to get started in the garden!


Skinny Jean Gardener

skinny jean gardener podcast logo

The Skinny Jean Gardener is a U.K based podcast hosted by Lee Connelly. Hort Week called Lee a “Top 50” gardening influencer.


The Garden Path Podcast

The garden path podcast logo

Host Misti got her inspiration to do a podcast from the classic Cultivate Simple podcast all the way back in 2012. Misti launched her podcast back in 2015 and has been a gardening blogger since 2002! She is a true veteran of the gardening industry.


Home Show Garden Pros

Home show garden pros podcast logo

A staple podcast for gardeners looking for wonderful DIY gardening tips! This podcast can also be found on SportsRadio 610, Saturdays 7am – 9am.


Maritime Gardening Podcast

maritime gardening podcast logo

Hosted by Greg Auton, Maritime Gardening is the de-facto podcast for Canadian gardeners who live by the water. Greg introduces listeners to garden permaculture, vegetable, and flower gardening. You can also find his written blogs and articles on his website Maritime Gardening.


The Still Growing Podcast

the still gardening podcast logo

The 6ft mama Jennifer Edeling is the host of The Still Growing podcast. Jennifers podcast started all the way back in 2013 and is “dedicated to helping you and your garden grow.”


In Defense of Plants

in defense of plants podcast logo

The host of In Defense of Plants says it best: “It would seem that most people don’t pay any attention to plants unless they are pretty or useful in some way. I reject this reality outright. Plants are everything on this planet. They have this amazing ability to use our nearest star to break apart water and CO2 gas in order to grow and reproduce. From the smallest duckweed to the tallest redwood, the botanical world is full of amazing evolutionary stories. I am here to tell those stories. My name is Matt and I am obsessed with the botanical world. In Defense of Plants is my way of sharing that love with you.”


Cultivating Place

Cultivating place podcast logo

Created and hosted by Jennifer Jewell, the Culvivating Place is a podcast and radio show for all gardeners and lovers of nature. This podcast can be found and listened to on iTunes, Soundcloud, and Stitcher. On Jennifer’s website you can also find links to her newsletter, packed with gardening content, and her books!



Gardenerd podcast logo

The Gardenerd has not only an incredible podcast packed with gardening tips and fun information, but it also has a robust photo gallery, blog, and store.


Gardens Illustrated

Gardens illustrated podcast logo

Gardens Illustrated is packed with helpful information. Their podcast covers a large variety of gardening topics. Plus, their website has a laundry list of gardening tips, guides, garden kits, and information on upcoming events.


Cultivate Simple

Cultivate Simple podcast logo

A gardening podcast classic. Hosted by Brian and Susy Chiots, learn about their lives and gardening philosophies. Also listen to interviews from famous gardening influencers, authors, and experts.


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