Teaching Kids the Basics of Gardening & How it Positively Impacts Their Development

Gardening with Kids is a Positive and Fun Activity

By Gina LiVorio Posted on 11/14/2019

Gardening can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Its benefits reach a wide range of age groups; from kids all the way through to seniors. For kids particularly, gardening can be beneficial to their development and inspire them to be healthier and more inquisitive. Parents looking for a positive activity to do with their children can turn to gardening for fun, improved health and education.

Now more than ever, with distractions like iPads, smartphones and TVs, children need to be outside using the creative parts of their brain. Interacting with each other and nature is critical to their development.

Gardening can promote the following positive developmental skills and healthy habits, which are important for your child’s growth:

  • Teaches the importance of community and connection
  • Teaches mindful eating and a healthy body
  • Connects them to the outdoors
  • Sparks interest of science and the process of how plants grow
  • Keeps them active
  • Teaches responsibility
  • Teaches teamwork and communication skills
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Focuses energy on something creative and positive


Although it might seem like all your kids want to do is sit in front of their iPad and watch videos, gardening will remind them it’s great to get outside and get your hands dirty every once in a while.


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