Summer Gardening Checklist

Follow This Checklist to Maintain Your Garden This Summer

By Gina LiVorio Posted on 6/19/2019

Summertime is the perfect time to spend time outside getting fresh air, enjoying nature and investing time into making your garden the best it can be. The weather is warm, the birds are chirping, and the smell of fresh-cut grass is enticing. Now is the time to maintain all the work you’ve done this past year in the garden, as well as plan for future gardening.

While you’re busying yourself in the garden, follow this summer gardening checklist for ideas on how to keep it in tip-top shape. This guide is a foul-proof way to stop overthinking your gardening tasks and focus on the basics to keep your garden running smoothly.

Gardening Checklist

Mulch Refresh

Make sure you give your flowers and plants a good mulch refresh to keep the moisture in the soil and suppress weeds. In the summer while the temperatures are higher, mulch will absorb the sun and protect the soil from excessive heat.

Keep Watering Schedule

Keeping to a regular watering schedule during the summer months will keep your garden healthy.  To determine what kind of watering schedule to keep, check your soil at the end of each day to regulate the soil’s capacity for water. Look into a sprinkler watering system once you’ve established how much water your garden needs.

Get Rid of Garden Pests

Part of your summer gardening checklist should include keeping garden pests out of your garden. Revisit our guide on the most destructive garden pests and how to prevent them with organic pesticides to stop these pests from destroying your hard work and wreaking havoc on your garden this summer.

Attract Pollinators

Garden pests don’t belong in our gardens, but on the contrary, attracting pollinators is an essential aspect of plant and flower reproduction and a thriving ecosystem. Include efforts to attract pollinators in your summer gardening checklist to encourage pollination.


Weeding is likely least desirable step included in summer gardening checklists, but it’s necessary for a strong and healthy garden. Weeds are more prevalent in warmer weather, so there will be plenty to do. If you stay on top of it, there will be less to maintain throughout the summer.

Raise Mowing Height

It might be tempting to cut the grass short and neat for summer but raising the height on your lawn mower settings will reduce the stress on your lawn and provide insulation for the heat. Your soil will hold the moisture better and your grass will remain healthy.

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