Organic Ways to Keep Rabbits Out of the Garden

Follow These Tips to Deter Rabbits from Chewing, Eating, Digging or Gnawing at your Plants

By Gina LiVorio Posted on 9/18/2019

Rabbits and plants just don’t mix when it comes to gardening, especially when they’re eating or destroying the contents of your hard-earned garden. Rabbits or bunnies have a reputation of being cute and cuddly, but just because they’re a popular Easter staple in children’s books doesn’t mean they have a place in our gardens.

To deter rabbits from chewing, eating, digging or gnawing at your plants, consider the following organic tips. Keep in mind rabbits are attracted to vegetable plants like lettuce, cucumbers, asparagus, carrots and peas, so if you have any of those vegetables in your garden then you will likely need to use some of these rabbit deterrent remedies.

Keeping Rabbits Out of Your Garden

Strong Scented Flowers or Herbs

To keep rabbits away from your vegetable plants, plant strong scented flowers or herbs that rabbits hate. Planting mint, oregano, basil, onions or marigolds might be enough to mask the smell of the vegetables rabbits actually want to eat in your garden.


By fencing in your vegetable garden, rabbits will have a tougher time getting to it. However, to stay one step ahead of these garden pests, fences should extend into the soil so that the rabbits can’t borough themselves underneath the fence.

Remove Shelter from Predators

Rabbits are attracted to gardens that have covers from predators, such as rocks, shrubs or tall grass. By eliminating any forms of shelter they can take, you might be able to eliminate rabbits showing up in your garden. They might not want to bother entering a garden that they don’t feel safe from predators in.

Let the Dogs Out

There’s nothing like a good scare tactic to deter garden pests! If your dog is outside, rabbits will stay away. If you have a fenced in backyard, let your dog roam free to keep pesky rabbits away from your garden.

Organic Pesticides

To keep your rabbits away organically, make your own pesticide at home that’s free of chemicals. Mix warm water with dish soap, garlic cloves and hot sauce and spray your plants right before the sun goes down. Spray the plants that rabbits have targeted in the past and watch your garden become rabbit-free in no time.


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