How to Start a New Garden at Home While Social Distancing

Gardening Could Be Just the Reprieve We Need

By Gina LiVorio Posted on 3/25/2020

While you practice social distancing because of the Coronavirus, now is the perfect time to revisit an old hobby or start a new one. In general, hobbies can improve mental health and lift our spirits. As we previously discussed, picking up gardening as a hobby can benefit the environment, provide an array of health benefits and lead to a happy and fulfilling retirement.

Now is a great time to start a new garden at home as we face a period of isolation for an uncertain amount of time. The stress of all the unknowns of this global pandemic can weigh heavily on us, and gardening could be just the reprieve we need.

If you’re a first-time gardener or you’ve taken a long break, you might be unsure as to where to start. The gardening experts at Garden Savvy can help get your home garden up and running so that you can turn to a stress-relieving hobby in these trying times.

Gardening at Home

Flowers, Vegetables or Herbs

First things first. Decide whether you want to start a flower garden, herb or vegetable garden. Once you’ve made that first decision, you can decide what type of fragrance of flowers you enjoy the most, vegetables your family prefers to eat and herbs you like to cook with.

Location is Everything

There is usually a direct correlation between sunlight and healthy plants, so finding the perfect spot for your garden is key. There are also many plants that need partial or full shade to thrive. Once you’ve determined what to plant, you can figure out where to plant them for optimal results. It’s also important to consider logistics like watering. Is your garden in a convenient location for hose access?

Prep the Soil

Remove any grass, weeds or other debris at the location you’ve chosen for your garden and start prepping your soil. Healthy soil is the foundation for a successful garden! Determine your soil type and add organic matter to arrive at the right texture and nutrient levels.

Now you’re ready to plant your plants, water them abundantly and mulch to keep the weeds away. Your newfound gardening hobby will be a positive distraction while you’re social distancing and a welcome activity once life is back to normal again.


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