Garden Hacks That Can Revive Dead Plants

Use These Garden Hacks to Bring your Plants Back to Life

By Gina LiVorio Posted on 3/2/2019

Is your garden looking lackluster due to you not dedicating enough time and care into making it the healthiest garden it can be? Perhaps some of your plants are dead, or appear to be dead, and the thought of starting over is too much to bear. The experts at Garden Savvy have some garden hacks that can revive dead plants and make your garden look fresh and new again. Whether it’s a vegetable garden outside or your indoor house plants that need reviving, follow the tips below to salvage your beloved plants.

Look for Signs it’s Salvageable

The first step in reviving your dead plants is to make sure the plant is salvageable. Signs of life to look for are green, healthy leaves – even if there are just a few – buds, and healthy stems. It doesn’t matter if your plant looks like it’s hanging on its last thread with brown or dead leaves; if there are signs of life, you have the greenlight to start reviving.


The amount of light your plants are receiving, or the lack thereof, can determine how you can revive your dying plants. If the light situation simply changed due to factors within the house or outside in your garden, your plant might simply need a change of location in order to receive the proper lighting it needs to grow and thrive.


Plants that aren’t adequately fed will eventually experience a deterioration in their health. Watering your plants daily might be the quick fix you need to revive your struggling plants. It’s important to not only water your plants regularly, but providing the right amount of water is another contributing factor to keeping them healthy. You can also add underground pipping irrigation systems to automate your watering.

Remove Dead Leaves

One of the most important steps to reviving your dead plants is to get rid of the weakest link; dead leaves. Simply remove all the dead leaves from your plants and only leave the healthy leaves so that you have a fresh slate to work with.

Change Soil

If your plants are struggling, it’s only logical to inspect the foundation. The soil might be the culprit for the demise of you garden, which means it needs to be replaced. It’s possible that the wrong type of soil was used in the first place, or perhaps the soil got infected with harmful garden bugs that are preventing the healthy growth of your garden.


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