Garden Design Ideas for Small Spaces

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By Gina LiVorio Posted on 3/7/2022

Believe it or not, beautiful gardens can still be achieved in small spaces. Any outdoor space, from sprawling backyards to compact balconies, have the potential to be turned into your very own outdoor oasis. All it takes is some careful planning and a little bit of sweat.

Don’t make the mistake of counting out your small outdoor space. Whether you have narrow side yard, a tiny backyard that faces your neighbors, or a small front yard that lacks privacy, any small outdoor space has the potential to be turned into a blooming, prosperous garden. The possibilities are endless with the right garden design platform.

Garden Design Tips for Small Spaces

Little girl in garden

Pay Attention to Scale

Choosing the right size plants will make or break a small garden. Larger plants can overwhelm the space, while a mixture of compact to mid-size plants can give it the dimension it needs to look like it was succinctly designed. Choose more perennials to get more seasons out of the trees, shrubs, plants and flowers you choose.

Get Creative

When space is lacking, getting creative with your garden design is a necessity. Instead of implementing all the typical garden design strategies, this would be the time to think outside the box. Perhaps a vertical garden is the way to go to maximize the amount of space available or consider creating more visual appeal with the use of hanging plants.

Focal Point

Smaller garden spaces need defined areas to create more of an organized feel to the space. With that said, choose a focal point that can become the star of the show. Consider a small water feature as your focal point to give your garden a zen feel. It doesn’t have to be a pond or waterfall, it can be a compact fountain, wall mounted water feature or bubbling tabletop.

Create Privacy

If your small garden space lacks privacy, it’s not difficult to create it. Taller trees or shrubs that aren’t as wide, or climbing vines on a vertical trellis might work. Find what works for your unique small space to create a sense of privacy and separation from your neighbors.

Practical Planning

Practical planning might be the most important garden design tip for small spaces. With careful planning, gardeners can create the illusion of a larger garden and maximize the space into its full potential. Garden Savvy has the perfect solution – introducing Hortisketch!

Hortisketch: Your Own Personal Garden Planner

Garden Savvy Hortisketch

Hortisketch, a simple, yet robust, garden planning software, makes it easy to plan, build and share your online virtual garden to make your garden dreams come to life. No matter what type of space you’re working with, Hortisketch allows you to design and implement your garden dreams.

Getting started is easy. We offer a complete set of design icons including: vegetables, fruit trees, flowers, fencing, pools, and more! Simply drag and drop your desired flowers, vegetables, fruits and more onto your gardening space. We provide you with accurate spacing for each plant, including growing space, row space, planting depth. Print your plan or screen shot and use on your mobile device.

Garden Savvy’s help doesn’t stop there. After you’ve designed your garden at your leisure, browse the Suppliers in your area for all the gardening supplies needed to turn your garden planner into real life. As part of Horisketch, we offer a personalized growing calendar that lets you know when it is time to sow, grow and harvest your fruits, vegetables, and other plants based on your zip code. As you add plants to your garden, they will automatically show up on your calendar.

You can even reference plans from previous years to monitor how your garden has evolved and create new plans to incorporate future gardening ideas.

Need help designing your small garden? Sign up for free and start your 14-day trial today.


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