Add Color to your Vegetable Garden with Purple Veggies

Purple Cauliflower, Purple Eggplant, Purple Carrots & More!

By Gina LiVorio Posted on 6/26/2019

Purple vegetables will make a statement in your vegetable garden, but they’re not just there to look pretty on your plate. Purple veggies like carrots, eggplant, cabbage, cauliflower and lettuce have strong health properties, too. Adding color to your vegetable garden is a fun way to incorporate healthy eating into your family’s meals.

The purple pigment in certain vegetables means they contain a compound called anthocyanins, which attracts pollinators and protects the plants against sun damage. When we eat vegetables with anthocyanins, we get the benefits of antioxidants such as protecting against diseases like cancer, heart health benefits and reducing inflammation.

Looking to add some color to your vegetable garden with purple veggies? Below are some suggestions for additions that will give your garden the pop of color you want, along with the health benefits you need.

Purple Vegetables

  • Purple Beets
  • Purple Potatoes
  • Purple Eggplant
  • Purple Cabbage
  • Purple Cauliflower
  • Purple Carrots
  • Purple Lettuce
  • Purple Yams
  • Purple Onion (Red Onion)
  • Purple Kale
  • Purple Asparagus
  • Purple Brussel Sprouts

Any of these aforementioned purple vegetables are water-soluble vegetables, meaning they can dissolve in water. Although they will taste delicious roasted, grilled or baked, the best way to get the most nutrients out of these purple veggies is to eat them raw.

In addition to purple veggies, fruits that have a purple or blue hue to them such as blackberries, blueberries, elderberries, passion fruit and raspberries also contain anthocyanins. You can grow these types of fruits in your garden if you can provide full sun and protection against frost.


Garden Savvy can help you find the purple vegetable seeds you’re looking for to add variety and color to your garden. The experts at these garden nurseries are always willing to help customers find what they need!