7-Step Checklist to Prepare your Garden for Spring

Follow This Guide to Get Ready for Spring Gardening

By Gina LiVorio Posted on 4/2/2019

Spring is one of the most enjoyable seasons for gardening, which is why preparing for a successful spring gardening season is on every garden enthusiasts’ radar. To avoid a mad rush of tasks when spring begins, prepare your garden for spring with these simple gardening tasks. Once your spring gardening prep is out of the way, you can enjoy your flowers and reap the benefits of your hard work.

Gardening Checklist

  1. Clean Up

Pull out those weeds, prune and clear out dead leaves ahead of your spring gardening season. Your plants will flourish in clean soil.

  1. Sharpen/Replace Gardening Tools

Prepare your gardening tools to be used this spring by cleaning them, sharpening them and replacing any tools that ar

e faulty, broken or no longer functioning.

  1. Clear Out Garden Pests

Clear out garden pests that might’ve used your garden for winter hibernation. It’s best to get them out before your spring plants go in.

  1. Get Seeds Ready

Now is the time to get creative with your seeds. This is your year to experiment in the garden, so get your hands on seeds you haven’t planted before and watch your garden look better than ever this spring!

  1. Fertilize

Fertilizing is a crucial step in prepping your soil for new spring flowers and plants. Be sure to properly fertilize once the ground thaws from the cold winter. Fertilize around trees, perennials and shrubs.

  1. Inspect for Winter Damage

The harsh winter weather might have harmed some aspects of your garden, so before your spring gardening commences in full force, do a quick inspection for winter damage. Remedy the damage before spring gardening starts and it’s like it didn’t happen.

  1. Plan for Summer Gardening

Now that your garden is prepped for bold and colorful spring flowers to bloom, it’s time to get a head start on summer gardening. Do your research to find plants and flowers that bloom in the summer and keep your flourishing garden going even after spring ends.


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