6 Unique Water Features to Highlight your Garden

Water Features Set the Tone for a Tranquil Garden

By Gina LiVorio Posted on 5/25/2019

We can’t think of a more serene atmosphere than a vibrant garden paired with a relaxing water feature. Water features can highlight your garden and provide a calming effect for yourself and your guests. There are a variety of ways to incorporate a water feature into your garden, some you can even do yourself.

Whether you’re looking for an elaborate water feature to highlight your hard-earned gardening efforts, or a simple DIY water feature, below are 6 unique water feature suggestions to bring out the natural beauty of your garden.

Water Gardening

Stone Pond

A simple pond outlined in stone can create a zen outdoor garden and a focal point that will impress.


The simplicity of an urn fountain water feature can go a long way. The running water sound itself can create a serene atmosphere that will set the mood of tranquility.

Tiered Fountain

No matter the size, a tiered fountain makes a great first impression. Your garden will look majestic with a tiered fountain that accentuates the flowers and plants surrounding it.

Rock Waterfall

Waterfall features complement gardens beautifully, and no matter how grand your waterfall feature, you will love the final outcome.

Water Wall

Water walls mimic the natural beauty of rain, both visually and by sound. Choose your own personal style of water wall and enjoy the peacefulness it adds to your garden.

Gnome Fountain

Combine two garden classics to highlight your garden space; a garden gnome with a water feature. Garden gnomes are even believed to bring good luck!

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