5 Tips on How to Keep your Indoor Plants Alive

Keep Your Indoor Plants Healthy All Year

By Gina LiVorio Posted on 9/18/2019

Are you having trouble keeping your indoor plants alive and well?

The rules of gardening can get overwhelming to beginner gardeners and even the most seasoned gardeners. With a list of gardening rules to keep track of, it’s inevitable we will overwater, underwater or mess up the proper guidelines to keep our house plants healthy. When we live on-the-go lifestyles, our indoor plants unintentionally get neglected.

The gardening experts at Garden Savvy have some tips and tricks on how to keep your indoor plants thriving all year so that your plants can continue to bring balance to the décor of your home. Unfortunately, it’s easy to kill house plants. With these tips, you won’t need to worry about doing that and you can rest easy knowing your plants are healthy and happy indoors.

Keep Indoor Plants Healthy

Remember to Prune

Pruning is a gardening step not to be overlooked. Find a way to work pruning into your schedule so that it’s being done enough to maintain the health of your plants. Pruning can prevent your plants from getting overgrown, eliminate diseases or pests and improve the quality of their stems.

Proper Water and Light

Just like your outdoor garden, your indoor plants need the proper water and light to grow as healthy as possible. The key to giving your house plants the proper amount of water and light is specific to each plant variety. You might think you’re doing the right thing by watering your plant every day until you notice it starting to die. Become knowledgeable about the unique water and light conditions for each plant to keep them healthy.


Drainage is another aspect of indoor gardening that should never be ignored. A good tip to ensure proper drainage is to place pebbles or peanuts at the bottom of the pot to keep the roots from being oversaturated with water. The best case scenario for proper drainage is to buy pots with drainage holes already built in.

Keep Inventory of Plant Appearance

The best way to stay on top of keeping your indoor plants healthy is to pay close attention to their appearance. This can help prevent the plants from dying and salvage any plants that might be on their last leg. Check the soil to make sure you’re not overwatering or underwatering, check the leaves for brown spots and most importantly, check for plant growth. If your plant isn’t growing, it’s not being taken care of correctly and it’s time to fix your maintenance routine.


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