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    Living in the countryside has its moments and ive made a friend i thought might bring a smile to those who enjoy natures creatures,

    Our kitchen window gives a really smashing view of the rear of our garden and when we bought this old farmhouse it had been unlived in for 25 years and all the land was well over grown and needless to say the building also needed a lot doing to it,

    We started by getting a tractor to turn the lot over and then decided to put bird nesting box’s all over the garden and a huge feeding tray ( a bin lid hanging from a tree outside the kitchen window)

    This bin lid holds plenty of food for all who likes to feed from it “not just the birds” and  by 8am every morning the lids filled and the water dish is cleaned and filled also,

    Well i was lighting the woodburner one december cold morning when i thought i heard a light knocking on the kitchen stable door,

    But nobody was at the door and so i returned to fire lighting duties only to again hear this tapping sound,

    By now the dogs had caught on and started to bark, as i stood up to once again see if anyone was at the door i passed the window only to see a Black bird sitting on the window frame tapping away,

    It was breakfast time, And i was late serving it,

    This early morn alarm tapping clock has continued for years and within a few seconds of filling the bin lid the birds are all tucking in,

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    Do photos of your garden you can share with us?

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    Jhon Amelia

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