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Todays gardening has been about 4 hours worth “Thanks to the weather being dry here in this part of France,

And so ive managed to plant a young pear tree and tidy up the base area of the magolia tree i planted last year, It’s showing signs of  new buds and today its been rewarded with a small bag of acid compost.

It’s a lovely feeling knowing springs just around the corner,

We did a visit to the local large store (18 miles away) and as much as i dislike these visits im rewarded by being let loose on the gardening dept,

You get some really good buys ref plants /bulbs/ and what i call the mens counter “odds and sods” And this morning i came across a really neat bird nesting box,

It’s made to look like a mini caravan with wheels and mud guards, a front window with the hole cut into the door area /a skate bourd painted on the front and at the opposit side of this van are the fixing and an inspection door so you can clean the inside after use.

I have lots of bird nesting box’s all over the garden and this is the latest addition.

I finished todays garden work by cutting a nice sharp edge along one of the borders, “keeps it looking nice and crisp”

They say as you get older you feel that stiff back and i feel knowing when to stop and sit for a while and enjoy what you’ve done and plan your next work load “Oh and give your best four legged  friend a cuddle, It was coming up to 7pm and the light was starting to dim So it was time to call it a day.

I must say when i read about the floods throughout the UK and all the gardening folk who’ve lost everything !!!!!! My heart really feels for people who like myself can’t do a thing about such an act of nature, Lets hope better days are just around the corner.